Prices, Sizes and Materials Infomation

Each doll complies with BS5665 toy standards and carries the CE symbol.

Bodies are made of jersey cotton and filled with soft feel polyester to BS5665 toy standards.
Safety black acrylic dome eyes.
Stands to be bought separately

*Because the dolls are entirely handmade, all sizes are approximate.
Price INCLUDES carriage within the UK

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Sizes and Prices
Height* Price each*
Dolls, Looby, Gollies, Soldiers 24 inches/ 60 cms £36.00
Fairies 24 inches/ 60 cms £39.00
Clowns, Guardsman, Andy 24 inches/ 60 cms £34.00
Footballer, sparkle or hologrammed clowns 24 inches/ 60 cms £36.00
Ballerinas and princesses 24 inches/ 60 cms £38.00
Rabbits 20 inches/ 50 cms £34.00
Jester 25.5 inches/65 cms £39.00
Velvet Clowns and Dandies 24 inches/ 60 cms £38.00
Rocking Horses 12 inches/ 31 cms £35.00
Humpty Dumpty 18 inches/ 46 cms high £37.00
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